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The REMCO chassis
Through a long and convoluted path I discovered in 2016  a guy named Herb Glesman who arguably is the father of the Newaire. He was the president/owner of Remco Manufacturing. In the 1990's along with their other products REMCO was making transmission pumps to allow RV'ers to flat tow their cars. Herb had a bunch of friends with GMC's who complained to him endlessly about what the RV industry needed was a decent chassis.. Herb agreed with them and the Remco (RMC) chassis was born.
REMCOM chassis.jpg

The picture above is one of three chassis delivered to Nemar in 1999. Because his friends complained about the traction in snow of the GMC, all four back wheels were driven.( That feature was removed by Newmar.)
Herb was displaying the chassis at RV shows when the owner of Newmar saw and ultimately decided that a GMC sized RV built on the REMCO chassis would be just what the current crop of baby-boomers would buy. As far as I have been able to determine two pre-productions units were built, I have the SN# 1 unit that was used for testing the design and the #2 unit was used for trade shows and is currently in Southern California in pieces.( My unit was in pieces  when I got it too. )
Ultimately Newmar decided to have Spartan build the chassis, copying most of the design from the REMCO chassis.
I've talked to Herb intermittently over the last few years and talked to him as recently as last June about a drivetrain component manufacturer. (He knew the information off the top of his head). I called Herb today to see if he could give me more of the story that I would post on the web site. Herb had passed away shortly after I talked to him in June
Herb Glesman
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