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01/14/2020 - Grayton Beach: (Sea)Food and Fun

The (Sea)Food:

If there's one thing we were looking forward to when hitting the Gulf coast, it was fresh seafood; fresh, as in harvested that day. Upon arriving, we asked the locals, "Where's the best cheap seafood in the Area?"

The answer was quick and unequivocal: "There is no cheap seafood around here. But if you want the best, you have to go to Bayou Bill's Crab House.

So we went.

The seafood was excellent. We had the platter - grilled, of course; shrimp, fish, scallops, and deviled crab. The prices weren't out of line with what one would expect at a moderately upscale establishment, and the service was excellent. Located just 15 minutes from Grayton Beach State Park, Bayou Bill's is only open for dinner (unfortunately).

The Fun:

We have never seen a better designed seaside community than -- wait for it -- Seaside, Florida.

Literally a stone's throw from Grayton Beach State Park, Seaside is easily reached by walking/biking/driving. And if you've never been there, prepare to be amazed/enthralled/seduced.

Hugging a perfect white sand coastline along Highway 30A, Seaside is a perfect eclectic mixture of housing, shopping, eateries, public spaces, and recreation the likes of which we have never seen in such an attractive package.

Did we mention it's exclusive/expensive/evocative? Numerous specialty shops and galleries are there for the browsing. Indeed, if there was a Rodeo Drive by the sea, this is certainly what it would look like. Even entering the US Post Office, one feels compelled to wipe the sand from one's feet. But that's not a criticism; you simply have to see this place!

An urban setting planned down to the most minutes detail, Seaside's architecture is wonderful, to say the least. Along with a dearth of upscale shopping options, the town square is also populated with many eating options, including a long row of vintage Airstream trailers converted into a static row of food trucks.

While we did not sample all of the menu's, the one we tried (twice) and can highly recommend is The Meltdown, specializing in a tantalizing variety of cheese-based combination sandwiches. If you're lactose intolerant, steer clear (or take your pills). If you want to experience the best toasted sandwiches in Florida, don't miss it.

After eating, we were browsing a nearby Seaside gallery where we saw a wood carving of some sort of duck wearing combat boots. I really liked the carving.

Peg said, "No way."

We didn't buy it.

Next Up:

The Palm Coast.

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