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02/26/2020 - Whacky Stuff We've Seen RVing

Some of Our Favorites We all have stories to share about totally unexpected things we've seen when traveling around North America in an RV. Some are natural, others unnatural, and a few are downright weird.

Here's a Wanderlodge FC named RUBY. She seemed to follow us with her eyes as we passed by. Rude?

Yup, that's Tom Swift's grave. RIP.

What's wrong with this campsite? Hint: there's no RV or tent. Hmmm.

An elderly gentleman who told us he takes a daily dip in this spring-fed stream no matter how cold it gets. The water stays 72F year round, but air temp was only 50F when we snuck this snap. Brrrr.

And here's a warning sign located just 20 yards from where that adventurous elderly gentleman entered the water. Every day.

Riding a bike trail one day, we came across this 50 foot tree wrapped top to bottom in spiraling vines. Never seen anything like it.

This squirrel occupied a fence post in our campsite when we sat outside. It sat there and watched us. For a very long time. Creepy.

Came across this giant pickup truck hauling a purple tractor. Note the tractor's offspring.

On another bike trail, we came across some sort of oddly shaped fungi sprouting from a fallen tree. The fungi, whatever it is, looked like it was grown from the finest spun velvet. Didn't touch it.

If there was a contest for the creepiest, ghostliest tree to ever line the banks of the Suwannee River, this one would win. Hands down.

Someone hung this very cool sculpture of a jellyfish in their front yard. It was crafted from shells and some sort of dried sea vegetation. Neat.

This is certainly one of the best neon meet market signs ever to light up a lonely night. Period.

Another parking lot encounter: a genuine antique steam launch of unknown vintage. Reminded us of the African Queen. Sans Humphrey and Katharine, of course.

Here's a carving of a duck wearing clown boots. Who can live without one?

We had a chance encounter with a pair of seldom seen Bighorn Mountain pandas. Best guess: an invasive species.

We came across this bizarre creature emerging from the sand on the beach. Didn't stick around.

We found some sort of hollow puffball laying atop a fallen tree in the deep woods. It was about the size of a tangerine, but light as a feather. No idea what it was.

Speaking of guessing, any ideas as to what this artifact is/was? The answer will appear in our next post! Next Up Manatees!

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