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03/15/2020 -- Trip Update: We Cut It Short

Back Home in Illinois We decided to cut our trip short by a couple of weeks and come home. It took 3 comfortable days of traveling in decent weather to get from the Georgia coast to the Chicago area. We may be a bit overly cautious, but given the changing national health environment, we thought it was a prudent move. Besides, you can only bump around inside 230 square feet of living space for so long. The bottom line is we had completed nine weeks of travel to a variety of wonderful locations, and it was a convenient time to call an end to what was certainly one of the best winter trips we've had yet. Next year is already booked: 8 weeks and change roaming sunny Florida.

So we thought we'd take this opportunity to share a snap of us with a couple of geeks we ran into at the RVillage Rally in Florida. Seriously, Peter and John (AKA, the RVGeeks) came to tour the NewAire and left as fast friends. Safe travels and good health to all! Next Up A recap of our Jekyll Island visit (loved it).

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