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05/04/2020 - 3D Replacement Panel Installed

Piece of Cake

It's in. And everything works.

Finally got around to installing the 3D printed control panel on the driver's side door.

This is what the underside looked like. Note the dot method of numbering the electrical leads. There were around 20 wires, so each cluster was also taped together and labeled. The holes in the door arm were for the original panel, which was screwed down in each corner.

Repositioned the screw holes and used shorter screws for the installation. (Why do they use 1.25" screws to go through less than 0.25" of material?) Also, had to re-print the panelwith the holes in the designrather than drilling; found out the hard way that these plastics don't drill very well.

Very pleased with the result, both functionally and aesthetically.

Planning to replace the smaller panel on on the passenger side as well. Gotta match, right?


Got it done!

Note that for both new panels, the positions of the mounting screw were moved away from the extreme corners. The theory is that corner mounting the original panels contributed to material cracking and eventual failure. Time will tell.

Next Up

More RV projects.

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