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01/21/2020 - Solitude Near the Palm Coast

Faver-Dykes State Park:

If there is one thing to be said about Faver Dykes State Park, it's quiet. Located about 3 miles inland from the Atlantic coast, this place is quiet to an extreme.

It's also a very beautiful.

Situated 30 minutes from almost anything, Faver Dykes is a marvelous nature preserve in the heart of the heart of Pellicar Creek marsh flats and adjoining scrubby flatwoods.

Park activities include fishing, picnicking, boating, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, camping, wildlife viewing, and star-gazing.

There are 31 campsites with water and power (30A). Many sites are extra large and all are well insulated from the neighboring sites by dense foliage. Be sure to heed the RV length limits posted for any campsite you might consider.

Below you can see the campground's single loop road as viewed in front of our campsite, #21. Faver Dykes has a surplus of foliage, foliage, and more foliage. If a true jungle exists in this part of Florida, this park is a great example.

Faver Dykes features a nicely equipped shower building and adjoining dump station conveniently located in the center of the campground loop. There are critter-proof trash cans there, and larger dumpsters can be found near the entrance to the park.

There is also a fishing dock as well boat launch on Peliccar Creek, plus canoe and kayak rentals (reservations are recommended).

Obviously, swimming is not recommended.

Old St. Augustine is an easy day trip, just 30-45 minutes north of Faver Dykes. For shopping, dining and commercial what-not, there's also the town of Palm Coast, which is an equal distance to the south.

Faver Dykes is a true step back from the normal hustle and bustle we usually experience during our RV travels.

If getting back to nature is your goal, you will find no more isolated beauty than this place has to offer.

Next Up:

Central Florida.

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