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03/10/2020 - Biked It, Liked It

Jekyll Island, Georgia

There may not be anyplace quite as historically scenic on the east coast as Jekyll Island...

...except for Savannah, that is. Let's call it a tie.

Jeckyll Island is essentially a giant, well-groomed park on the Georgia coast that is overlaid from end to end with the most amazing network of easy bike trails. We camped at the park's only campground, which is located at the north end of the island, then commenced exploring.

The island was originally developed in the late 1800's as a vacation retreat for wealthy east coast families who built their "cottages" in a resort community of unrivaled luxury. And almost all of that luxury has been restored and preserved in its original state.

Here you will see names like JP Morgan, Goodyear, Hollybourne, and Dubignon. There is also the original Jeckyll Island Club Resort (pictured at the top), the Sans Souci luxury villa, and the shingle-style Faith Chapel, just to name a few of the historic structures.

One place we thoroughly enjoyed visiting was the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, located near the heart of the island's historic district.

Jekyll's is certainly one of the largest turtle rescue and rehab centers serving the US east coast.

We attended a staff presentation on how they rehab and release (if possible) a wide variety of sea turtle species.

The center also houses a museum featuring hands-on displays, a medical/surgical viewing window, as well as life-sized casts of the fossilized remains of an species of giant turtle namedArchelon ischyros.

Weighing in at almost 6 tons when fully grown, these brutes plied an inland sea in the North American west during the Cretaceous Period, around 74 million years ago.

There are a number of good dining options on the island, but one of the best is found at the Jekyll Market, a unique conglomeration of cook-to-order foods, a deli counter and fresh bakery, plus groceries and staples, a bottle service, ice cream shop, as well as gifts, souvenirs and clothing - all under one roof.

And while the market's order-by-name eatery features good Southern Style BBQ, you do not want to miss the deep fried wild Georgia shrimp.

As one might expect, the island also features miles of pristine Atlantic beaches - much left in a natural state - for hiking, shelling, fishing, swimming, or just relaxing.

Know that there's a whole lot more to see and do on Jeckyll Island; we've only scratched the surface here. But it was the biking that captivated us. On a nice day, even a couple of seniors like us could easily log 10 miles or more, touring through one of the most beautiful RV travel destinations anyone might hope to experience.

Jekyll Island is a casual biking/hiking/touring paradise, not to be missed.

Next Up

We concoct a DIY travel cover for our new bicycles.

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