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5/16/2020 - Roadtrip: Heading Southwest

Trying to Shake the Stay-At-Home Blues

Just can't take being cooped up anymore, so with masks in hand we're hitting the road in June to put some serious social distance between us and our home turf.

We're planning to do a limited tour of the New Mexico State Park System, which we have heard great things about.

This is our itinerary:

  • 5 days in Branson, MO - we're gonna unwind under the pines.

  • 4 days at Clayton Lake - can you say "Dinosaur Tracks"?

  • 3 days at Taos Valley RV Park - no State Park openings in the Taos area, but this facility looked good.

  • 5 days at City of Rocks State Park - that's as far south as we will get.

  • 4 days at Blue Water Lake State Park - northwest NM, looks very nice.

  • 6 days at Hyde Memorial State Park - near Santa Fe, never been but have friends that love the area.

Add in 5 days going and coming, and we will have burned through a month and traveled around 3,300 miles.

By The Way

This will be the first roadtrip with our newest family member, a feisty little Cocker Spaniel; her name is Freckle.

Can't wait!

Next Up

Roadtrip Recaps (plus Real Unlimited 4G/LTE Wifi - Honest).

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